Linda Leman/Go Thatta Way

Just a short explanation on why we’re here.  Until I edit this, which I will, I just want human kind to know, if you think there is NO HOPE let alone CHANGE, there is always one thing that will never change.  GODS WORD.  It’s only the first 5 books of any bible you pick up. I “got my pole out” ready to reel you in. NO thumpin’, NO pushing,  just good and right STUFF!

Now, don’t shy away.  I listen to a Miley Cyrus song, everyone sees the video, people say bad things,  I see she’s a remarkable young woman.  21 years old and, READ MY LIPS, she will be better then Liza or Bette or any other famous showgirl.  God Willing.  I pray for her.  She may not need it, but I want to see her on stage when SHE’S 50. I do things “God Fearing” humans cannot even understand.  All I know for sure is,  GOD is in my mind and my heart and that’s all that matters to ME. Peace Out!



4 thoughts on “Linda Leman/Go Thatta Way

      • Right has always been the way to go. BUT it isn’t easy. It take a lot of Faith and courage. But the reward for going Right is Life everlasting. If you go left, the end is only sorrow. Just my thoughts.

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